Note to performers seeking Library and other gigs from elite Audience:

elite Audience is roster based, already serving a large roster of performers who's music I have fallen in love with.

There is such an incredible abundance of talented musicians in San Diego, and I'm thrilled to be able to share some of my favorites with folks who may not otherwise have the chance to hear them.

It's sometimes a bit overwhelming, all of the requests for bookings I receive, on a daily basis.  Please know that I do realize how talented you are, and it would be an honor to work with you, but I simply have more roster than gigs, most of the time.

Please, do add me to your email list so that I'll be aware of your live performance dates, and feel free to send me a Youtube link to one of your recent live performances (in front of a live audience), for consideration for possible future openings.

I apologize if you don't hear back from me in a timely fashion. As I said, it's become overwhelming. If my instincts lead me to do so, I (or an eA advisor) will absolutely come check you out, date and location permitting.

Veronica Graciano
Your humble(ish) servant